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Revolution 1989


1989 is a year that defines modern history. Within its twelve months, six oppressed European nations had thrown off communism, torn down the iron curtain and declared national independence. T‍he apparently mighty Soviet Union was brought to its knees. T‍he Cold War War ended. In a dizzying few months of almost entirely peaceful revolutions - culminating in the fall of the Berlin Wall - the people‍'s will triumphed over tyranny.

Victor Sebesyten was for many years a journalist covering Eastern Europe. Revolution 1989 reveals life in Soviet bloc through eye witness interviews, newly uncovered archive material and vignettes of ordinary lives - people who found their world miraculously transformed: the furnace stoker turned Czech foreign minister, and the Romanian poet just freed from jail, made vice president of his liberated nation. T‍his is the dramatic and vivid story of a year that changed the world forever.

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